Ability to Sell

By Owner: If you are choosing to sell your home or property without an agent, you should consider the following things:

  1. Choose a price: research recently sold homes in your neighborhood or area and decide on a price that you feel comfortable with.
  2. Estimate your costs to sell: prior to selling you should consider the overall cost to sell your home. Sellers should keep the following in mind: the amount for the mortgage payoff, taxes on the sale, inspection fees, advertising costs, and closing costs.
  3. List your home online: Choose a site to list your home, these sites usually charge a flat rate for the services that they provide.
  4. Prepare and Stage: Before selling your home, you should make sure it is selling condition that will attract potential buyers. The home should be thoroughly cleaned and any issues with the home should be fixed prior to selling.
  5. Be available for potential buyers: during the selling process make sure to have the free time to answer any questions so you do not miss out on a selling opportunity.
  6. Wait for an offer/lower the price: if you do not receive an offer in the first 35-45 days you should consider lowering the asking price to appeal to more potential buyers.
  7. Hire an Attorney: Since you are not selling with an agent you should consider hiring an attorney to handle the legal work. This process calls for a lot of paperwork and hiring an attorney could prevent legal issues.
  8. Close the sale: once you receive an offer and agree upon the price, you will need to hire an escrow or title company to finish the closing process.