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Targeted Advertising For Legal Service Providers

We help lawyers and law firms reach people in their area who have legal problems in their area of expertise.

LawDecoder is the only web app that allows you to target your ads to people who are researching their legal problem

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Because we know about their specific legal problem, all leads generated through LawDecoder are already qualified

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By providing our users with the basic information about the most relevant law to their question, LawDecoder cuts down on initial consultation time spent with leads

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By targeting users who are doing free online research, LawDecoder lets you reach clients who might not otherwise know that they need to hire an attorney

Multiple Safe Ad Options

Depending on your advertising situation we offer both PPC (price per click) and PPM (price per thousand impressions) ad buying models. This ensures that you can get the best deal for your LSP whether or not you work in a space that is competitive for advertising or not.

Worry-Free Ads

Even if you or your company does not traditionally create and serve ads on other networks, you can make use of our platform. We offer other customer services to remove barriers and enable you to connect with clients that are aware they need your services. Our team of designers and marketers can create and distribute ads for you that target your exact clientele – you don’t have to design a thing!

Get in Early

While our product grows and we are working on building an automation and bidding platform, you will be able to work with our account management and sales teams directly on an ongoing basis and also be able to purchase ads on our site at a discounted rate. Once we launch our full scale ad network, you will be able to easily manage your ads and purchase our other services through our website, and get help any time you need it.


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