What are the penalties for a person 18 years of age or older in Philadelphia with less than 30 grams (one ounce) of cannabis and is smoking it in a public space (a street, alley, park, sidewalk, a vehicle in or upon any street, alley, park or parking area, or any other place to which the public is invited).​

Assuming no other violations or crimes are being committed at the time, the penalty for smoking 30 grams or less of cannabis is a $100.00 fine for each violation or up to nine hours of community service, as deemed appropriate by the court.

This law is typically enforced by the PHILADELPHIA police in Philadelphia County. Not all law enforcement agency are required to follow local laws. This is only a Philadelphia County law. State and Federal laws treat possession of cannabis as a criminal offence. Philadelphia Code Title 10 §10-2102 5(b).

The police or other authorized law enforcement officer will issue a Notice of Violation in person or via First Class Mail.

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