Career and Internship Opportunities

We Are Community Builders

At LawDecoder, we work for the common good for all—within our organization and with other organizations around the country. We’re building a future where legal information and data can be leveraged to serve people, create value, and improve quality of life.


Intern With Us:

Interns have the opportunity to apply learned theory and their skills to real-world problems, shape the company, and learn from those around them from their first day.

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Product Team

Work as a designer or developer on a cross-functional team to help solve complex problems around UI/UX, web services, and data integration.

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Marketing and Growth

Our marketing team helps interns learn and share skills of all kinds, from SEO, to social media, to community engagement, to sales, and even automation.

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Legal Data Team

Comprised of legal translators and data scientists, our legal data team combines the best parts of human research and machine learning to create the core of our product – the translated legal database.

Open Positions:

At LawDecoder we work together to build solutions to critical problems and inefficiencies to improve the community and the the legal space as a whole.