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Are driverless cars the future of transportation?

Imagine how your daily commute to work or even to visit relatives states away could be transformed if your car took care of the driving for you. In several years, this could be a reality through driverless cars. Many assisted-driver systems exist in the automobile market today. Cruise control, automatic braking, collision avoidance, and lane“Are driverless cars the future of transportation?”

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What are the consequences of the loss of net neutrality for consumers and startups?

So what is net neutrality? The topic of net neutrality has dominated the internet for weeks. Many people have been speculating the implications of net neutrality in both the news and on social media. Will we have to pay more to access our favorite websites? Are startups and small businesses doomed? Is the internet as“What are the consequences of the loss of net neutrality for consumers and startups?”

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Does the iPhone X’s Face ID Put Your Privacy at Risk?

With current technology, we are left with almost nothing to wish for. A decade ago, the services available to us now would be unfathomable. Today, you can have groceries, a professional massage, or a latte delivered to your door in minutes just by using your smartphone. Smart Phone Revolution With the release of the iPhone“Does the iPhone X’s Face ID Put Your Privacy at Risk?”

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Small Business Advertisement Regulations

What is the FTC? The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is the United States highest form of business regulation. The primary focus of the FTC is to protect consumers first and foremost, as well as maintain competition and try to prevent monopolies. The FTC focuses on both large corporations as well as small businesses. How does“Small Business Advertisement Regulations”

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How to Become a Lawyer for Only $6,000

John Marshall, the fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and Mike Ross, a leading character from USA’s hit legal show, Suits, are more alike than some may believe. Although Marshall has been dead for almost 200 years, and Ross is merely a fictional Hollywood creation, they share a unique, and very“How to Become a Lawyer for Only $6,000”

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The Problem with E-Signatures

Throughout elementary school, I remember I had ten different versions of my signature. Some were decorated with smiley faces, others had giant swirls at the end of each letter, and the remaining versions just had a single letter with intricate circles surrounding it. All of them were terrible and overwhelmingly complicated, but each one I was“The Problem with E-Signatures”

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The Future of Korean Citizens Traveling to the US

I’m about to enter my senior year of college and I’m already thinking about my graduation ceremony. Will the weather be nice? Who will be the guest speaker at commencement? Will my family be there to see me receive my diploma? Until recently, I have always considered the last one to be an unnecessary concern“The Future of Korean Citizens Traveling to the US”

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