HR Intern


The Human Resources Intern is responsible for assisting in all aspects of the Human Resources function.

What we will do for you:

  • Give you an opportunity to apply people-oriented skills and to assist with the smooth execution of all ongoing company projects
  • Networking opportunities & connections with, as well as beyond, our team
  • Reference letters
  • Free coffee/tea!

What you’ll do for us:

  • Assist in recruiting by updating and posting job descriptions on career websites.
  • Coordinate interviews and update Interviewer’s calendar
  • Facilitate internship onboarding
  • Maintain physical and digital Human Resources files.
  • Office administration.
  • Meditate communication between executives, interns, and all staff

Who you are:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and G Suite
  • Organized and able to implement organizational initiatives as needed
  • Creative
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Able to prioritize multiple projects.
  • Effective at time management skills.
  • Ability to handle information in a confidential, objective and professional manner.


  • Right now, we are hiring for the Fall semester (September – December) cycle 

Note: This is an UN-paid position

Our Intention for Internships:

At LawDecoder, we want our interns to gain as much from their time with us as we hope they want to give. That’s why we have a set of “intentions” that we aim to fulfill during your time with our team.
  • Work Product:
    • Work product entails concrete projects that you will be working on over the duration of your internship; these include any tangible things you produce that you can put in a literal or metaphorical portfolio. Every person has a set of skills they can put to work in a practical way, and we want the results of your efforts to be something both you and LawDecoder can be proud to display.
  • Challenge Projects
    • Everyone who works with us is intelligent and capable, and every person also needs to be challenged to grow and expand themselves. That’s why we strive to provide our interns with “challenge projects” that help you acquire skills that you might not gain by only doing core projects within your position. Learning happens at the edge of your comfort zone, and we hope for you to feel a sense of attaining your goals as well as having had experienced something new by the conclusion of your internship.
  • Networking
    • It can be scary to meet new people, but scary is also fun– and oftentimes useful. Networking is a core component of your internship at LawDecoder. We want you to make meaningful connections with our staff and any other relevant individuals who you might want or need in your network. If you leave your internship without having had made at least one or two solid connections, we haven’t done our job.

About LawDecoder

LawDecoder strives to empower the public by educating them about their legal rights. Legal rights are complex, ever changing, and regionally different. This, compounded by the fact that legal terminology is hard to digest, prevents people from understanding their rights and acting on their problems.

LawDecoder is committed to giving people a free and accessible platform to educate themselves about their rights. We use smart search technology to help users articulate their problem in context and then produce “plain English” translations of the statutes relevant to their problem through artificial intelligence.

In addition to serving as an educational tool, LawDecoder also matches individuals with a particular legal problem with a pre-vetted attorney with expertise working on that specific problem. Thus, attorneys can effectively run highly targeted advertisements to a small group of individuals who all need a service they provide, and individuals can easily find an attorney who they can trust to solve their problem.