Lead Data Scientist

About Us:
Law Decoder strives to empower the public by educating them about their legal rights. Legal rights are complex, ever changing, and regionally different. This, compounded by the fact that legal terminology is hard to digest, prevents people from understanding their rights and acting on their problems. Law Decoder is committed to giving people a free and accessible platform to educate themselves about the laws and their rights.

  • Structure, clean and analyze a database of over 150,000 legal statutes
  • Work with NLP to process, unstructured legal research
  • Create models to replicate translated statutes
  • Works with the Legal Team, Product Team and executive director
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the executive director.


  • The ability to work cross functionally with data, the law, and applications
  • Comfortability using a wide variety of programming languages and database systems
  • Previous experience building products with NLP, and Neural Networks
  • Should feel comfortable leading the process of exploring the data
  • Self-starter
  • Organizational and planning skills.

We are looking to fill this position immediately