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  • How much does it cost/ who pays?

The website is completely free to anyone using the site. It’s not freemium, you don’t have to give us \your social security number, there is no catch it is just FREE! We’re talking ACTUALLY FREE, people.

How come? Our site is powered through the matching program which is paid for by attorneys looking for hyper-targeted, qualified leads or customers they can best serve.

  • How does LawDecoder work?

Users (that’s you guys) come to the site and we ask questions in order to identify their problem. Once we have diagnosed the issue, we provide information to the question in plain English, NO complicated legal jargon. It’s not the King’s English, our your mom’s English. Remember the English you learned in sixth grade? It’s that English.

We also match you with a legal professional near you who can help handle your legal issue. All of our matches are pre-vetted to ensure that the lawyer knows about your particular area of law.

  • Where does the content come from?

The content comes from all over the Web! We utilize databases full of legal statutes and create our own Sparknotes version of the law. We take that information and compile it in a way so that we can play “20 Questions” (but usually with less questions) to find out about your situation to provide you with the best information to your legal question.

  • States we currently serve

We currently serve Pennsylvania and California. We plan to expand to New Jersey and Texas in Spring 2019.

  • Topics we currently serve

We have your back for information relating to

  • Cannabis
  • Real Estate
  • Family Law

Heads Up! We will be expanding into Immigration Law in Fall 2018.

  • Is the service in Spanish?  (¿El servicio es en español?)

Unfortunately, we do not currently provide the service in spanish. But not to worry! We  plan to start offering the platform in Spanish in early October 2018.

(¡Desafortunadamente, no tenemos el servicio en español, pero no te preocupes! Planeemos incluirlo para principios de octubre 2018.)

  • How do I become a partner or qualified match on the service?

We are always looking for more partners! To become a partner you can contact our Community Engagement Team at CE@lawdecoder.com to begin the vetting process or to do a demo.

  • How do I know the Lawyer I matched with is best for me?

There is no only one right lawyer for a given person. We are not promising your Legal Soulmate (remind me to ™ that later). There are many great attorneys that can tackle the job. The way we match a lawyer with our users is based on a

fancy algorithm

that takes in account areas of expertise, how many cases they have won, what locations they practice it, how much the lawyer wants you as a client, etc.

  • Who is the LawDecoder Team?

LawDecoder was started by the Drexel University grad duo, Mariah Trish and Maggie Treuting (aka MT2), and has grown to a team of seven. With Ethan Tse (COO) and Maggie Treuting (CEO) at the helm of the ship, this team is diving into all types of legal problems from the East Coast to the West Coast. Our team is made up of Philly transplants all trying to tackle legal literacy.