Philadelphia Computational Law & Blockchain Festival

Philadelphia Node –  Computational Law & Blockchain Festival

Saturday, Mar. 17 10a.m.-7p.m.

“The first annual Computational Law & Blockchain Festival (#clbfest2018) is a three-day global event bringing together coders, designers, lawyers, policymakers, researchers, and students to co-create the future of law, legal practice, and policy. In the spirit of decentralization, the Festival will be hosted at independent, self-organized nodes in cities around the world.” – LegalHackers

About the Conference

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space has been seeing increasingly more mainstream attention in the past year. This has led to the inevitable consequence of legislation and regulation beginning to take place the past months. There are a lot of big questions about the legal standing of blockchains and cryptocurrencies that remain to be answered, as well as important ideas about how blockchain technology might be used to impact the legal space in return.


LawDecoder is calling on Hackers, Legal Service Providers, and any interdisciplinary people that come into contact with either or both of these spaces to come together in Philadelphia to LEARN and DISCUSS the future of blockchain and the law.


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Maggie Treuting

CEO, LawDecoder

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Rohan Shah

CEO, Slice Capital

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Chris Hauff

CEO, SunGo

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Michael Milord

CTO, Eoko

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AJ Beckner

CTO, LawDecoder

Schedule and Location

Because of its single day format, the Philadelphia Node will have both the LEARN and DISCUSS Tracks all on one schedule so that the individual activities can have more participation, and so that no attendees have to miss out on sessions they would like to see.

Participants can come and go as they please, the sessions will be from 10 to 7 in one hour blocks with a 2 hour lunch break, so that attendees have time to get lunch from the many nearby restaurants of University City. After the last session is over we will break out into groups to continue the discussions and networking at a few restaurants downtown.


10:00 AM – Networking hour and Opening Remarks

10:30 PM – LEARN: Intro to Blockchain – AJ Beckner

11:15 PM – DISCUSS: “ICOs, Tokens, Trading and Regulation” Rohan

12:00 PM – DISCUSS: “Legal Limitations of Smart Contracts” – Maggie Treuting

1:00 PM – LUNCH

2:00 PM – LEARN: GPU Mining – Chris Hauff

3:00 PM – LEARN: Solidity 101 – Mike Milord

4:00 PM – DISCUSS: “Cryptobanned?: The future of Blockchain in America”

5:00 PM – Closing Remarks and departure to afterparty


The Baiada Institute
Pearlstein Business Learning Center – 4th Floor
3230 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104