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About LawDecoder 

LawDecoder is a free service for people looking for easy to understand information about their toughest legal issues. The platform asks users a series of questions to help identify the best information and most relevant leads. Users know this website does NOT give legal advice, and is NOT a substitute for having a lawyer. Instead, LawDecoder relies on ads from legal service providers to turn our users into your clients!

Who This is For

  • Lawyers and Legal Service Providers
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Financial Institutions and Loan Officers

What You Will Get

  • Real Time Analytics
  • Flexible Payment Models
  • A/B testing of Ads
  • Industry Insights

How Long it Takes

  • 2 Minutes to sign up
  • Start selling the same day

How LawDecoder Finds You Clients

Our Audience

18-40 "Change of Status" Individuals

Desires Legal Information

Located in Pennsylvania and California

Our Ad Buying Model

Partnership Matches: Our Partnership Matches model optimizes ad placements to suggest lawyers based on user's legal needs. Matches are based on a lawyer's practice locations and specialties, and are cross referenced with the user's legal needs.

Placement: Half-page
Unit Sizes: 300 x 600
CPM Starting at: $3.00
CPC Starting at: $1.00
CPD starting at: $5.00

How LawDecoder Stacks Up Against the Competition


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